Join us on Friday at 6pm for our Facebook Live presentation and fundraising event from the Headmaster's Study at St. David's College. For those of you who are local and would like to attend in person please do come along for cheese and wine!

After the success of last year's new venue, we are returning to The Mitre in Lancaster Gate for our annual London Reunion.

Blast from the past

A big welcome to Old Davidean Dan Lycett who has just taken over as Head of PE at St. David's College! Here, he is pictured with his year group team in their South Africa Tour Kits in 1996 and some years later at an ODA rugby match.

Event Reports

The Lancaster Gate tube station would be closed, wouldn’t it? Of course we didn’t know that until we went to confirm the buffet menu the day before. Nevertheless, there was a good turn out.

Old Davideans London Reunion March 4th - The Mitre, Lancaster Gate