About the ODA | St. David's College Old Davideans Association

The ODA was set up in 1969 when the first group of pupils left in the sixth form. It is run by a committee of ex-students along with former and present staff.  St. David's College holds great value in its supportive and caring community and the ODA was formed in order to offer the students leaving school a permanent place within it, emphasising that they have already become an important part of St. David's during their education there.  The ODA assists our members to keep in contact with SDC and one another, supports SDC and its students and pursues our networking system. Our members have achieved great heights in their fields and are only too willing to pass on any assistance to younger members. 

The ODA host two annual events: ‘Remembrance’ weekend in Llandudno, where we welcome all ODA members back to St. David’s for rugby and football matches, lunch, activities, a meal in the Minstrel Hall and a Remembrance service on the Sunday.  As well as this event, we have a London reunion on the Friday closest to St. David’s Day in March.

The ODA now has a membership of about 1500. The SDC Board of Governors contains four Old Davideans and for the last three years, the Speech Day guest speaker has been one of our ODA members.