ODA LONDON MEET 2016 | St. David's College Old Davideans Association

Old Davideans London Reunion March 4th - The Mitre, Lancaster Gate

It was the best venue yet, everyone agreed, so good that we made the manager of The Mitre, James Platford, an honorary member of the ODA. We had the back room, behind the bar, with canapés and plenty to drink. The committee had decided that the ODA should somehow be better linked with what is going on in school, so Alice Seldon (née Haydon), who was Head Girl in her recent time at St David’s, and who is now a Governor, came to meet everyone, and to talk about future links and our fund raising activities; she was accompanied by Jake Roden, former Head Boy, current gappie, and cousin of numerous OD’s. Andy Russell and Stuart Hay conducted the 100+ lottery in some arcane computerised way. The Bargerys, fresh from a month abroad, were in attendance and there were lots of OD’s. The eldest were the Simons, Saywood and Grosvenor, and the youngest was Oscar Phillips, whose Dad accompanied him. It was interesting to talk with David Ward, who is currently Headmaster of Bredon School, Tewkesbury, a bit like St David’s (but not as good, obviously). Mark Whitfield is now an estate agent, so be warned. He reminisced about how often Will Seymour had managed not to expel him. Nic Connor and Emma Wright, who is a bespoke jewellery designer, are now an item. Nic is working on the Brexit campaign. He is an up and coming man. James Austin makes parts for Formula 1 cars and Ian Temple runs an international recruitment company. James Williams, luxuriantly bearded, is a lecturer and has appeared (unsuccessfully) on ‘Come Dine With Me’. Seeing Edward de Mas Latrie and Shaun Wynne-Jones reminded me of the act we used to put on when Will Seymour brought prospective parents round Business Studies classes. I think he realised after a while, because he stopped coming. Everyone has a story. Apparently I didn’t used to wear a signet ring when teaching, but I think I did. It is so good to see such a range of people, both age wise and also occupation wise, from uni all the way up to the top, and to think that maybe we helped in some small way.

Simon Buckley.